Anne Marie Jensen: Fertility and Physical Therapy(E-bog)

Anne Marie Jensen: Fertility and Physical Therapy(E-bog)

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Why does muscle tension, pain, scar tissue and reduced joint mobility decrease your chances of becoming pregnant? How is your stress level, working posture, stance, and exercise routines affecting your fertility? Do you exercise too little or maybe too much? Why is laser therapy particularly effective in treating age-related infertility and low sperm count? 


”Fertility and Physical Therapy offers a ground-breaking ap- proach to treating infertility that provides the reader with natural ways to help “cultivate the soil” and optimize their fertility, whether they are trying to conceive naturally or using assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF.”


Dr. Lorne Brown

Clinical Director, Acubalance Wellness Centre Vancouver BC, Canada


This book is first and foremost dedicated to all the women and couples who are struggling to conceive. It provides a thorough instruction on how you can more than triple your chances of conceiving and carrying your pregnancy to full term by following simple physical exercise and treatment protocols. The book includes an exercise program, a massage program for self-treatment of scar tissue, as well as guidelines to daily exercise routines most beneficial for your fertility. It also offers new insight into why and how laser therapy can increase your pregnancy chances.

The content of the book is based on extensive scientific research, as well as the author’s own clinical experience with treating more than 300 women. On that background, it can serve as clinical inspiration for healthcare pro- fessionals, who work with couples struggling to conceive.


Anne Marie Jensen

Fertility and Physical Therapy

144 pages, illustrated, Ebook 

Preface by Lorne Brown

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