Mathaeus Agapitos: The Aegis (2017)

Mathaeus Agapitos: The Aegis (2017)

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In this great tale of magic, chivalry, evil forces and the vanquishing of the evil lurking throughout Tyron we are introduced to our protagonist, Rorak, who was raised in the suburb known as Lapizlum, in The Lapizlat Reign. The Lapizlat Reign is one of three Kingdoms in the realm of Tyron.

Rorak has been raised by his grandfather, Durael who has helped hone his skills of both armed and unarmed combat, his strategic wits and lastly but most importantly his courageous heart.

During his travels, he stumbles upon the Princess of The Lapizlat Reign, Princess Satina, whose beauty is pure and unmatched. While painting the portraits of the royal family, a task placed upon him by King Valdo himself, he and the Princess forge an unlikely bond of true love.

However, a threat is emerging from the south, a threat that in time if left be, will bring all of mankind to the brink of extinction. Therefore, he must now partake in a valiant quest to scout and confirm who the enemy is and return with these news to the King.

Alas as the tale progresses and Rorak ventures further towards oblivion with Nol by his side, a skilful artisan of war and a member of a secret brotherhood, he comes to terms with the conclusion that he may never return to hold Princess Satina in his arms ever again.


Mathaeus Agipatos:

The Aegis

250 pages, paperback

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